Shopping in Doolin

Doolin is home to some wonderful little shops and most of them are actually on Fisherstreet, only 3 minutes walk away from our home !
*Located on Fisherstreet

The Sweater Shop

The Sweater Shop*

The Sweater Shop is probably the most photographed building in Doolin but it's not only a pretty cottage, it's also the best place for finding Aran Sweaters and other clothes products.
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Chocolate Shop

The Doolin Chocolate Shop*

Probably not the kind of shop you were expecting to find in Doolin but they make great handmade chocolates here in Co. Clare !
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Traditional Music Shop

The Traditional Music Shop*

This is where you can get some great recordings of local irish music and also books, instruments, etc. It shares its premises with the Doolin Dinghy where you can find arts, crafts and books.

Village Crafts

Village Crafts*

Crafts shop where you can find souvenirs, clothes (including Aran Sweaters), jewelleries, postcards, etc.

O'Brien's Crafts

O'Brien's Crafts*

Crafts shop where you can find souvenirs, clothes (including Aran Sweaters), jewelleries, postcards, etc.

Shaggy Sheep

Shaggy Sheep

Crafts shop where you can find souvenirs, clothes, jewelleries, postcards, etc. Located beside Hotel Doolin.

Doolin Pantry

Doolin Pantry

Small shop located at Hotel Doolin where you can find great food products and drinks.

Clare Jame Shop

Clare Jam Shop

Some amazing homemade jams available there, including a "Strawberry with Champagne Jam" or "Irish Whiskey Marmelade" ! Located on the way to the Cliffs of Moher.

Aran View Filling Station

Aran View Filling Station

This is where you can get fuel for your car and also buy some groceries, newspapers, etc.


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