About us

We are a young family based in Doolin, Co. Clare, and we decided to open up our house to visitors and founded Kate's Place B&B in March 2013.

Kate & Charles

Kate (The lady of the house)

Kate is native of Doolin. She is trained as a classical singer and a music teacher.
Kate has a great experience in B&B as she has been working with her mother for many years in one of the most successful B&B in Doolin before opening Kate's Place B&B.

Charles (The chef)

Charles comes from the french speaking part of Switzerland. He came to Ireland in 2006 and fell in love with this area, its music and Kate of course !
Originally trained as a bookseller, Charles is now focused on his music, studying the concertina and accordion.

Lily & Alice (The tourism ambassadors)

Lily, our eldest daughter, was born in January 2011. Her sister Alice was born in January 2014 and now they are truly the ones running the show. They are already two fine ambassadors for irish tourism !


Kate's Place B&B is closed and we are not taking bookings.

However, Charles is still welcoming visitors in the family home on an airbnb basis (offering a spare room to travellers in a non professional fashion). For more information please visit The Guest Room's website or send an email to Charles at guestroomdoolin@gmail.com


Social Media

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